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Charcuterie Grazing Box

Selection of fine cheese, cured meats, olives & crackers, jams, hummus, vegetable Crudité & many tasteful embellishments.

Our Spring Edition box, featuring assorted fine cured meat, fig cashew dip, orange marmalade, gruyere, bocconcini cheese, and more is now available!

Boxes start at $80 for small. Family size available for $150!

Add to your online reservation or call 1 800-RESERVE (737-3783)

Call 780-444-5538 to order!

Boxes contain traces of nuts and dairy products.

Full ingredient details: Antipasto (contains fish), fig cashew dip, orange marmalade, cracker crisps, gruyere cheese, bocconcini cheese, gorgonzola cheese, dried apricots, dried blueberries, assorted fine cured meat (bundnerfleisch, garlic sausage, calabrese, coppa, chimney sticks), assorted vegetable crudité, fresh grapes, fresh strawberries, red Cerignola olives, Castelvetrano olives 


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